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Memorial Seecurity Gates - donated, constructed and erected by Mr John DiFabrizio 2013

Security, entrance gates donated, constructed & erected by Mr Don  DiFabrizio & family in 2013.

Hazelwood Cemetery was established when 10 acres of crown land was gazetted as a cemetery in April 1879. It is quite possible that some earlier burials had taken place on the site. There are now approaching 4500 internments at the cemetery which are arranged in sections including:

  • Religious Denominations

  • Children's Garden

  • Non Denominational Memorial

  • Non Denominational Lawn

  • Remembrance Gardens.


The Trust
The Trust members meets about each 6 weeks, generally on a Tuesday at 4-00pm and is composed of 1 life appointed member and 9 members appointed for 5 year terms. The Trust holds meetings usually at the office to organise the business of running the cemetery. The current chairperson of the Trust is: Mr Leo Billington


The Hazelwood Cemetery Trust is governed and maintained ny a board of volunteers currently numbering .seven. Leo Billington is chairperson. The Tust secretary is a part time paid employee and a paid contractor looks after grounds maintenance.


John Barton Hoyle played a prominent part in the movement for erection of the SOLDIERS' MEMORIAL in Morwell and as its Secretary doing practically all the work in connection with the matter. Ill health delayed the completion of his task for some considerable time, but eventually the memorial was erected and arrangements made for the unveiling ceremony.

Mr Hoyle who suffered from bronchial asthma for years past, had a very bad attack about three months ago and although he greatly improved never seemed to thoroughly recover, and getting a relapse last week he gradually sank, and passed peacefully away on Monday evening last' a few hours after the inveiling of the Soldiers' Memorial, the arrangements for which he had completed after considerable efforts, but which he had not been permitted to witness although he had been looking forward with keen interest to the occasion, as the completion of a worthy task that was to him not only a labour of love but which he regarded as a duty as well.

John and his wife, Mary are buried together in the Hazelwood Cemetery, their combined grave once marked by a stick. This stick was replaced with a "sign". This was still an amateurish effort, but with good intentions. Recently a new plaque was laid to formally acknowledge John's community spriit helping others during World War 1 and being a dedicated "mover and Shaker" to have Morwell's cenotaph established. This time the assistance and generosity of the Morwell RSL is to be applauded.

ARTICLE FROM THE MORWELL ADVERTISER of Friday, June 10th, 1921. Researched by Leo Billington Chairperson of the Hazelwood Cemetery Trust.

Our Community


Hazelwood Cemetery provides a final resting place for  citizens of the communities of;

  • Morwell

  • Yinnar & District

  • Churchill

  • Hazelwood North

  • Hazelwood South

Our Generous Supporters
We are very grateful for donations from and support of the following community organisations.
  • Latrobe City Council

  • Mirboo North Bendigo Community Bank

  • Hazelwood Rotary Club

  • G.D.F Suez Australian Energy


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